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Everyone deserves Viral Growth, including YOU!

When you grow your account by follow/unfollow, you limit your growth to a few followers per day because of Instagram daily limits. This spammy method of Instgram growth doesn’t work any more. In order to see massive growth and reach real people who will be interested in your content, you need to go viral. We at OptInsta provide you with Instagram consultation and strategies which helps you go viral and gain hundreds and thousands of new followers.

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Growth Program For Potential Influencers

No Instagram Password Required

No Follow/Unfollow

No Shadow-bans

No Action Blocks

Consistent Growth

Improved Engagement Rate

More Profile Visits

More Instagram Visibility

Attract more Followers, increase Engagement and get your Instagram account noticed by major brands and potential clients.

Growth Program For Potential Influencers (G2P) is an exclusive Instagram growth program that takes a scientific and statistical approach to Instagram growth. It will change the way you think about Instagram growth and will help you get more likes, followers and story views. When you sign up for our G2P program, you work with our team of Instagram marketers that will help you build a huge followerbase, get more engagement and turn likes into leads without any follow/unfollow. You work with our team of experts that help you make the most of your Instagram account. Putting it mildly, we show you how to give your Instagram account superpowers.

OptInsta Helps You

We Care About YOU

Your SUCCESS Is Our #1 Priority. Always & Forever!

Growing On Instagram Is Easy When You Have A Plan…

… And we are here to plan your success 🎉

Being successful on Instagram can be simple when you have a winning plan. This is where G2P steps in. We are the missing piece you need to grow on Instagram.


When you sign up for our G2P program, our team guides you with what to post, when to post, what hashtags to use, who to collab with and how to make the most of the current Instagram algorithms. Our team will guide you through the entire process of being successful on Instagram.


Our #1 goal is to improve your profile’s reach…


To get you more followers and engagement. The entire team will work closely with you to help plan out your Instagram journey and attract maximum attention.


Strategies that worked for your friends won’t work for you. You need a strategy that will work for you and your niche. Our team of Instagram experts will work closely with you to help become Instagram famous.

Grow without following 👉 A common practice of growing Instagram accounts is by doing follow/unfollow. This doesn’t work and can never deliver massive results. We do it different. We do it better.

When you grow your account by following/unfollow, you limit your growth to a few followers per day because of Instagram daily limits. To see massive growth, you need to go viral. Our G2P program provides you with strategies, action plan and data-driven approach that helps you go viral and gain thousands of new followers.
Here’s a Sneak Peak Of What You Get
We will do a thorough analysis of your Instagram account, provide you with personalized recommendations on how to improve your existing performance.


We will update you with the latest Instagram updates and algorithms and finally provide you with a customized strategy and action plan on how you can best move forward in maximizing the performance to increase followers, engagement and ultimately traffic and sales.


Our team of Instagram experts will audit your Instagram profile, your hashtags, your content and followers and help you take your Instagram game to the next level 🏆

Let’s talk about a bit uncomfortable (yet very important) topic: competition.


Marketing is all about competing for the attention of your audience, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Unfortunately, that competition is oftentimes fierce, especially on Instagram.


Why is it important to learn about competitors?


✅ You’ll know your competitor’s plans and movements—lets you improve your strategy

✅ You’ll learn what type of content they post — leads you to creative ideas that you can apply on your own Instagram

✅ You’ll know whether a tactic implemented by your competition worked well or not—helps you to self-evaluate and make changes if it’s necessary


Our competition research is very comprehensive and includes –


✅ Account overview, including their bio, average posts, engagement rate, etc.

✅ Activity, including top posts, posting time, etc.

✅ Hashtag, including top hashtag, hashtag type, etc.

✅  Content, including content type & frequently posted contents.

Hashtags are your opportunity to being Instagram famous. But all hashtags aren’t created equal 😉Hashtags are one of the most important features to get organic growth on Instagram. Using the wrong ones will lead to:


❌ slowing down your organic growth

❌ attracting an undesired audience

❌ or even getting shadowbanned in some cases


That’s why picking the right hashtags for your niche is important on Instagram now! If you use the niche-specific hashtags you will be able to attract specific people who will engage with your posts, like them and follow you. This is what we do for you every month


✅ Manually research personalized amd latest hashtags for your account and your niche

✅ Make sure you will be able to rank on those hashtags

✅ Pick promising hashtags to build a long-term strategy, not just getting a few likes

✅ Guide you with latest tips and information about how the current hashtag algorithms work


Our comprehensive hashtag reseach is proven to give you an edge on your competitors. We bring you fresh new hashtags and new hashtag startegy (specifically designed for you) every month. This ensures you always WIN at this Instagram game and get high visibility for your posts.

You need to be more active on Instagram but you do not know what to post? The ideas are sometimes the hard part! And this is where we step in. We provide you with weekly themes and content posting ideas in form of a content calendar –


✅ Calendar is Fully Editable 

✅ Posting Ideas

✅ Differentiate the content ideas through Colour Formatting

✅ Summary sheet


We will create a customized content calendar for you every month. You will have all the ideas ready to go! 💯

We are fully committed to your success on Instagram ⭐ When you sign up for our G2P program, you get access to our team of highly motivated Instagram marketers that are passionate about helping you overcome any challenges and obstructions in your Instagram growth.


Your project will be set-up in a project collaboration dashboard where you can work with the entire OptInsta team. We use this project collaboration dashboard for giving you periodic updates. You can use this as a channel to ask any and all of your questions relating to Instagram. Our entire team is always keen on helping you succeed. Think of us as your Instagram Success partners.

Instagram algorithms are always changing and so it is important to always have an action plan that works with the latest algorithms.


This is where the OptInsta’s team of experts will help you. The team spends over 100 combined hours every week getting all the data about the latest in Instagram growth. With the knowledge of the latest Instagram trends and up-to-date information about the Instagram algorithms, our team will help you outshine your competitors on Instagram and help you grow your Instagram presence, followers and engagement rate. With OptInsta’s Growth Program for Potential Influencers, you will always have access to the following –


✅ Personalized strategy report

✅ Account analysis

✅ Niche best practices based on industry and competitor

✅ Latest Instagram updates and 2019 & upcoming 2020 algorithm trends

✅ Success Secrets that other successful accounts don’t reveal

✅ Advanced Hashtag Guide

✅ Hashtag Best Practices

✅ Content Planning

✅ Your personal Instagram marketing team

… And It’s Super Easy To Get Started 

Dedicated Instagram Gurus

They’ll help you become Instagram famous!

We matchmake you with an account manager when you sign up. Answer a few quick questions and your account manager will take it from there, helping you achieve your Instagram goals.

Dedicated Support

Once you sign up, you are added to a project collaboration dashboard where the entire team is always ready to assist you with any questions or issues you might have.

Tell us about yourself

When you sign up, you can tell us who your ideal audience isan what your Instagram goals are – in terms of followers, engagement, leads/sales.

We start growing your account

Then, our entire team will start working on your profile – doing research work and planning to help you outsmart your Instagram competition and improve engagement, get more followers and/or leads and sales for your business.

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(Just $99 for the first month and then $75 per month – can be cancelled at any time. No questions asked.)

And you are not alone! We’ve helped 100s of users get amazing results on Instagram…

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(Just $99 for the first month and then $75 per month – can be cancelled at any time. No questions asked.)

You know that a healthy Instagram following is the key to getting clients and customers on autopilot, plus attracting some big-time attention…

There’s just one problem. 👀

Growing your Instagram account feels 100% impossible.
You’ve tried everything.
You’ve done the photoshoots, copied-and-pasted the popular hashtags, and posted every day (well, when you’re not drowning in the rest of your to-do list)…

But you’ve got nothing to show for it. 😞

It seems like everyone else has unlocked some magic Insta code.


They’re getting featured by drool-worthy brands, fielding client and sponsor inquiries left and right, and sipping cocktails on the beach (with perfectly contoured makeup, of course).


Meanwhile… you can barely find time to snap a picture of your cold coffee, and every time you post, your BFF is the only one who comments.


My coffee is cold but this post will grow my account, right? RIGHT?"

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:

You feel like Instagram is constantly changing and you don’t have the time or energy to keep up

You’re frustrated that your engagement is half of what it used to be

You’ve tried posting every day, using different hashtags, creating stories but nothing is working

You have uncertainty about what you should be doing – how do I pick the right hashtags? Should I DM new followers? What do I post to my stories?

You’re tried of fake accounts, bot comments and the follow/unfollow strategy

You work really hard to perfect your content but still get very little engagement

You watch your following climb only to see them drop like flies later that day

You keep attracting your competitors instead of potential customers

You feel disheartened when your competitors get more engagement with less followers

You feel like keeping up with the new algorithm is wearing you down and it’s just not fun anymore

You ask yourself ‘does my feed just suck or am I shadowbanned? What the heck is a shadowban anyway?

You’re struggling to get your audience to actually do what you want

If any of these statements have you thinking “how the heck did you get inside my head?!” then keep reading: you’re in the right place, my friend!

Here’s the thing, friend.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

It’s not your fault that your Instagram account feels like a graveyard. 👻


There’s so much #fakenews out there…


It makes finding the right strategies almost impossible.


Here are just a few of the myths you might have heard (these drive us CRAZY).

Myth #1: “Just post every day. It’s simple.” 😬

Yes, Instagram can be simple. We’re going to show you how to do it in just 15 minutes a day.


But it’s not as simple as just posting once a day, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best.


There are important strategies and tactics that you need to have in your back pocket in order to make real change.


And the people who tell you that you only need to post every day…


That might have been their experience, but they probably were already Internet-famous or hit the jackpot with viral attention from one post…


And that means the strategies that worked for them are different than the strategies that are going to work for you.

Myth #2: “The algorithm has ruined Instagram.”👎

When engagement drops, the algorithm is the first thing that people blame.


“I’ve been shadow-banned!”


“The algorithm isn’t showing my posts to my friends!”


The thing is, the algorithm favours quality over quantity.


It’s designed to reward posts that work with it rather than against it. And when you do this, your post can be seen in people’s feeds for D-A-A-AYS.


This means longer exposure from one post and the chance for your post to be seen in multiple places by potential followers.


Yes, the algorithm has changed the Instagram game, but once you crack its code, your account will be well on its way to attracting quality followers.

Myth #3: “You can only grow on Instagram if you take pretty pictures…  😔

or live in a Pinterest-worthy apartment…



or look like a swimsuit model…




Okay, so these ones we might be telling ourselves…


But rest assured, your success on Instagram doesn’t depend on how you look, where you live, or your photography skills.


There are multiple ways to grow healthy Instagram accounts that DON’T involve photography, spending hours creating and editing content, or taking selfies.

Based on our 4 years’ of growing client accounts, we show you the how-tos of Instagram™ marketing for your business inside Growth Program For Potential Influencers.

Instagram with OptInsta means…

👯 Attracting dream followers and customers
(without it dominating your entire day and life).



💰 Earning money directly from Instagram
so that your income gets a sweet boost.



👀 Being seen as an influencer in your field
(so you can finally raise your prices with confidence).



✈️ Getting paid to have new life experiences
all while your business continues to grow.



⛱️ Flexibility and the freedom to be wherever you want to be
…including on your couch in your PJs!
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(Just $99 for the first month and then $75 per month – can be cancelled at any time. No questions asked.)

You’ll Love Working With Us! 

Say HELLO to the OptInsta team.

UX & Data Analysis

She spends her days focused on understanding the clients digital pain points and helping them solve their digital problems. She uses data, strategy and insights to guide her recommendations and look for ways to continually improve client’s marketing experience.

Executive Daily Operations

Drives strategic vision and manages investor relations. He is responsible for the global OptInsta proposition, business growth strategy and the development of focused initiatives and workstreams for digital marketing using social media as a platform.

Executive H.R.

Leads OptInsta's People team, where she is responsible for the company’s talent and culture. She oversees human resources, people operations, talent acquisition & development, facilities & workplace services, employee experience, and diversity & inclusion.

Sales & Marketing

Leads the Sales and Marketing Domain. His powerful skill set in ad campaigns, sales and marketing helps in customer acquisition in order to build a strong client base at OptInsta. He believes ``Success in digital marketing requires passion and accountability mixed with large measures of creativity and innovation``.

Client Relations

Leads Customer Service Experience at OptInsta. Her passion & experience with high growth tech companies will help ensure OptInsta provides the most powerful, flexible, and hands-on experience to all of our customers.

Products & Sales

Leads the product development operations and global sales. He is passionate about people, sports, and really efficient processes. He makes sure to get the deliverables within the given timeline.

Data Engineer

Fearlessly leads our engineering team and is responsible for OptInsta’s underlying technology. His focus & passion is on data acquisition and backend architecture / infrastructure. He helps in building a robust platform to deliver the promised growth to our clients.

Data Engineer

He is the fuel that drives the entire organization. He cycles through snow storms, skateboards to work and is never afraid to ask the tough question - ``But why?`` He tweaks and updates our algorithms to ensure we can deliver awesome results for our clients.

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(Just $99 for the first month and then $75 per month – can be cancelled at any time. No questions asked.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect my account to grow?

Generally, most OptInsta clients pick up new followers and more engagement within 2-4 weeks. Each account manager starts working on the new client account within a few hours after the on-boarding process.


While we consider our account managers Instagram gurus, your account growth does depend on a number of factors, including how accessible your target audience is on Instagram and how responsive they are to engagement.


Please keep in mind that your account manager only looks for organic followers that actually engage with your content, taking your account growth both safely and seriously.


Our service has a snowball effect where the conversion improves with time. This means you will see your growth compound, month after month.  It is unrealistic to expect 10,000 new followers in the first week. It is important you understand that we are not selling followers but rather trying to attract real people to your profile who are genuinely interested in your content. As such, results do vary between OptInsta clients but your account manager will improve your engagement and increase your followers over time.

Will I have to give my password?

No, we do not require your Instagram account password. We just guide you through the steps you should take to become successfull on Instagram.

Is this service safe?

Our service is 100% safe. Everything done by your Instagram guru complies with Instagram’s user guidelines. We are not doing anything against Instagram Terms Of Service.

How do you grow followers when you don't do follow/unfollow?

The only way you can achieve meaningful growth and good engagement rate is by working with Instagram rather than spamming the platform with follow/unfollow. Our team of Instagram experts is constantly monitoring Instagram trends and algorithm changes to give you the best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you grow on Instagram. The team also helps you implement these strategies on your Instagram account so you can get the maximum from the ongoing Instagram trends.

Are the followers 100% real?

Yes, the followers you will get are the ones who are interested in your content and decided to follow you of their own free-will. They are 100% real and genuinely interested in your Instagram account.

Are you selling followers?

It is important that you understand that you are not buying followers. We don’t sell followers. We prepare Instagram growth strategy for you and help you with its implementations.


The followers you will get are the ones who are interested in your content. So they are 100% real and targeted. You didn’t pay for getting them as followers. You attracted their attention and they followed your profile because they liked your content.

How many followers will I get?

The number of followers you get varies greatly depending on your niche, your current account standing and your target audience. Putting it directly, an account targeting a worldwide audience will grow far quicker than an account targeting people in London. So it is impossible to mention a numerical value here.

Can I still use my account ?

Of course. You can still post and engage as you always do.

Is there a contract? Can I cancel this service any time?

Yes, there are no long-term contracts. You can cancel this service any time you want. You can do so directly from within your PayPal account or drop us an email at and we will cancel it for you.

Do you give any kind of guarantees?

We guarantee benefits from the moment your campaign is set-up, within 2-3 weeks of signing up. We will take your details after signup and will personally connect with you to set you up.


We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not see any benefits or increase in followers and engagement within 60 days of starting the service. Nobody has ever availed it because we also guarantee that you will be happy with the results. We would love to work with you and get your profile to the next level.

How do I trust you with this initial payment?

All your payments are processed securely via PayPal. There are no other payment options. PayPal has this incredibly awesome Buyer Protection Program which ensures that you get what you pay for.

What are my Payment Options?

All payments are processed via PayPal. We do not offer any alternative payment options.

Will the price increase in future?

Once you have signed up for our package, you will lock-in the price you signed up for. You will never have to pay extra. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.


Please do note that package price for our programs can increase any time without further notice. We always work on first come first serve basis and so there are only so many users we can manage at a given price point. So try and lock-in this current price as soon as you can.

People get paid for their Instagram, why would I pay for it?

You outsource your growth management so you can get paid even more! If you had at least double the number of REAL followers right now, you would be seeing hundreds more likes, comments, appreciation and collaboration opportunities. We help you get there with our cutting-edge promotion strategies.

I tried to signup but it failed? HELP!

Glad to know you are interested! We have a simple Paypal Subscription system for the subscription. Do get in touch if you have any queries or problems. You can use the chat button on the bottom corner of your screen or email us at We’ll be available to assist you quickly.

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(Just $99 for the first month and then $75 per month – can be cancelled at any time. No questions asked.)

With Hundreds Of Happy OptInsta Users, You’re In A Great Company

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