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Know How To Create A Perfect Instagram Bio For Your Business

Know How To Create A Perfect Instagram Bio For Your Business

The first impression on social media is crucial, especially when it comes to promoting your business. When a user sees your Insta-account, the primary things they observe are your business name, profile photo, and your bio. Your bio should describe your business to your viewers so make sure your bio is interesting enough to engage your viewers.


Based on the data published by Sprout Social, we have come to know that almost 200 million Instagram users check business profiles on a regular basis. So, you might have realized the importance of having an interesting bio. Your bio needs to catch the attention of the readers, make them want to follow you, choose your business over the rest to buy from you.


So read this post to know how to create an awesome bio that you can help you to stand apart from the crowd.


Show the personality of your business:

You should show the personality in your Instagram bio. Describing your whole business in just a few sentences is definitely a difficult thing but it should be able to tell the Instagram users what your business does and it should show the humanness behind the brand.



For example, look at Obvious Wines. In their Instagram bio, they make a clear point that they offer sustainable and vegan wines from family-owned vineyards with straightforward details.


Some Instagram users display a little humor in their bio, while others prefer to convey trust and seriousness.


Add hashtags:

Another way to give a boost to your Instagram bio is by adding the hashtag in it. Well, your Instagram account won’t show up when someone clicks on your hashtag but you can link all your related content together.



Here’s the example from WP Beginner Instagram bio. If you click on their branded hashtag “wbptips”, you can find all the content that is created to help the beginners to make a website with WordPress.


Always remember one thing that adding a branded hashtag to your Instagram profile is a great way to get more user-generated content.


Play it cool with Emojis:

No wonder people on Instagram love their emojis. So, you should have fun with the emojis in your Instagram bio. Emojis not only catch the attention of the users and make your bio more fun but they can also be used to describe what you do and point users in the right direction. For example, Barkbox uses emojis to emphasize its Subscription box for the dogs.



Use A Clear Call To Action:

Your Instagram account is the first stop for users when discovering you online. Your main objective is sending users to your website. So, it’s really important to use a clear call to action in your Instagram bio.


Check out this example from Alo Yoga, in their Instagram bio they write “shop now!” with the link to their website underneath. When users like what they see on Instagram, a clear CTA makes it obvious to them what exactly their next step should be.




Optimize Your Instagram Bio Link:

Instead of using a regular link in your Instagram, it is always a better decision to use an optimized link. Since Instagram only allows you to use the link in bio only so by using an optimized Instagram bio link, you will be able to get more out of your Instagram marketing. There are numbers of tools that you can use to optimize your Instagram bio link including Linkin.Bio By Later.



Over to you.

Move over boring Instagram bios. With these tips for how to create a killer Instagram bio for your business, you’ll be able to increase your followers, boost engagement, and generate more sales. Start crafting an awesome Instagram bio today!