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Building An Instagram Profile For Your Business? Here’s A Guide To Get You Started

Building An Instagram Profile For Your Business? Here’s A Guide To Get You Started

Presently the use of social media is not just about posting photos and videos, rather it has become a great platform for promoting your business and selling your  products of service.



When it comes business internet marketing, Instagram is one of those social media platforms that play a very crucial role. At present, Instagram has 700 million users every day and around 60 million content are shared and can provide 1.6 billion likes. We all know that Instagram is the most popular platform for sharing photos an videos and, this is the reason why Instagram has various benefit for developing and promoting your brand.


May be, many of you still think how to make the optimum use of Instagram for your business. Well, here are the ways below how you should Instagram-


Instagram For Business:


In May 2016, Instagram announced that they would come up with Instagram For Business where users can create free business profiles.


With a business profile, you as an owner can choose how you want your customers to contact you-  either by telephone, SMS or email with the contact button and get directions. When you are using a business profile on Instagram, you  can also use Insights and promote your business in a more efficient manner.



This is an excellent tool  which tells you the crucial information about your follower, the posts with highest reach, and customer engagement, etc. With this tool, you can also know the behavior and demographics of your audience.



This feature allows you to run your posts as ads on the platform of Instagram and, certainly helps you connect your business with the customers.

All you need to do is choose a topic that  you shared and press the action button. Either you can choose the target audience or let Instagram to choose your target audience. After that, your post will be promoted as an advertisement for a specific span of time that you have chosen.

This feature help your business get customers from all over the world. Using Insights, you will be able to understand your audience better so that you can improve the content and change the marketing strategy in order to get more engagement.


Know  How To Create An Instagram Business Account:

If your business still doesn’t have a business account, it’s time to have one.

  1. Download the application and open it.
  2. Log in with your account credentials.
  3. After  you enter the application, select settings and, scroll down until you find Switch To Business account option there.
  4. Once you convert your personal account into a business account, you can enter crucial information lile business time, address and telephone number,


Your Username and Bio:

All you want to ensure that your account can found easily and that’s why you should keep the same username that you have been using in other social media accounts.

In addition to the username, you need mention your official website and a short bio about  your business.

Write your bio in a way so that users can easily know what your business is and what people can expect from your Instagram account. You can also include some brand hasghtags that your followers might use.


Now, you might be wondering to know what a branded hashtag is. Well, these are the hashtags that you can use for promotional activities, product launching, quizzes, contests , etc.


Profile Photo of The Instagram:

Usually business logos  are used as the profile photos for business accounts because this will help  people to find your business easily. Remember one thing that Instagram photo profile has a circle format, so, your photo should look good in that format. The ideal  profile picture requirement started by Instagram is 110 pixels. It is always a  smart ideal to use a bigger image as it will look good when opened in desktop also.


Follow Other Instagram Accounts:

To get started, you should follow other Instagram accounts. You can follow other businesses that are relevant to your business and, find influencer in your industry.


The demographics can be very broad so, you should know what kind of audience you want to target. You should use the right hashtags relevant to your industry so that you can make your presence more prominent on Instagram. You can also leave comments on other account photos and follow people who participate in conversations in various accounts. This is one step that can help you develop your following Instagram quickly.


Manage Your Instagram Presence:

When it comes making a successful Instagram business account, you must be able to maintain your Instagram presence. You must be active on Instagram and post content on a regular basis. You can also repost content from other accounts if they are relevant and related to your business.






July 15, 2019