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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Answered.
I have paid, now what?

Upon successful payment, you will be redirected to fill up the Sign-Up form where you are required to fill in the necessary details and submit. Once the order form is submitted from your end, you will receive an automated email to confirm that we have got your order information. Our team will get in touch with you shortly. They will email you on the communication email you used upon sign up. If you have not received this email, please contact us with your PayPal email as soon as you can and the team will immediately assist you.

When can I expect to get started?

Our service is set up manually, and the campaign is usually set up within 24-48 hours. A project manager will get in touch with you as soon as possible and get your project started. Any time it takes to set up your project is added to your subscription as an extension. This ensures you do not miss any paid days whatsoever.

How quickly can I expect my Instagram account to grow organically?

Please have PATIENCE! This is a custom service perfectly tailored for your account; therefore, it will take up to 4 weeks to get the perfect setup, settings, and tweaking that will provide you with the spiked growing results. Keep in mind that our service gets you real followers through organic social outreach! Do not expect instant followers! In the first 3-6 weeks, the growth will be slow because of the warm-up phase. The warm-up phase varies based on your account’s current standing. Usually, it takes up to 4 weeks to start seeing the full potential of our service.

I can't find any login section!

Once you sign up you are assigned an Instagram Guru who will email you to setup your account with the relevant target audience, provide you with growth reports and more!

I want to change my target audience!

Great! We can always do this for you. Just email your dedicated account manager a.k.a your Instagram Guru and he will do the needful. Feel free to discuss or change your audience targeting settings as often as you want. You are always welcome.

Can I use my Instagram while I'm on OptInsta?

Of course! Our service will work better if you continue to use your account as normal and you keep posting regularly. We will bring in the traffic while you focus on your content!

Are the followers real?

Absolutely! We do not provide instant, fake followers. Instead we provide marketing through hashtag research and selected audience targeting. Every single like, comment and engagement you receive is 100% real.

Do you offer custom pricing?

Yes, absolutely! For large or custom orders, feel free to contact our support team for assistance using the contact form, email or phone numbers below. We will do our best to work with you on any and all specific services you require.

Are there long term contracts?
There are no long-term contracts, and we have a straightforward cancellation policy. You can cancel any time without prior notice and penalty. However, we do recommend that you give us 2-3 months to see the full impact of the service, but there is absolutely no long-term commitment whatsoever.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel any time from within your PayPal account or by asking your project manager directly. Your project manager will cancel it for you, no questions asked. You can also send an email to with “CANCEL” in the subject line for hassle-free cancellations.
Can I set my Instagram account to private?

YES – you can have your account on private and our service will still be effective. We do recommend to keep it public for maximum growth, however, it is not required at all.

If I cancel, will my followers disappear?

No, they will not! The followers you have gained while using OptInsta are yours! Remember – the followers you have gained are following you because they actively chose to, they are showing interest in your profile and are interested in your Instagram posts.

I don't know my target audience. Help?

You don’t have to worry. Your Instagram Guru will work with you to help you identify a target audience. Rest assured that you will receive help at each and every stage of project setup.

Can I change my Instagram username?

You certainly can. Please contact your Instagram Guru (your account manager) and notify of this change to prevent any interruptions in service 🙂

How can I change or upgrade my plan?

Simply e-mail us or contact your Instagram Guru (your dedicated account manager) and he will take care of that for you.

Can I change the PayPal account with which I pay?

At this time, you are unable to change the PayPal account. We recommend contacting us or your Instagram Guru (dedicated account manager) and we can cancel your current package, then you can resubscribe on a new PayPal account.

Why is my payment suspended?

This has occurred due to insufficient funds or payment method in PayPal. Please ensure the funds are available or there is a valid payment method attached to your PayPal account. If there is both, please contact PayPal as there may be an account issue. Your service will remain uninterrupted while this is fixed.

Do you guarantee Sales or Conversions?

We do not guarantee you sales and conversions through our service since that solely depends on the nature of your business/product/service/content. No reputable Instagram marketing agency can guarantee sales because sales depend on many factors (what your offer is, your rates, whom you sell to, your sales infrastructure, etc.) that an agency can’t control.

What is your refund policy?

We promise that our program will help you improve Instagram reach, engagement, likes, comments, and followers. This improved reach and engagement can help you get more leads, sales, and opportunities from your Instagram profile. We guarantee that you will see improved Instagram reach and engagement when you implement our program on your Instagram profile. We back up our guarantee with a super simple refund policy covered under PayPal’s Buyer Protection program. You will be eligible for a 100% full refund if you do not see measurable improvement (in terms of profile discovery & Instagram engagement) within 60 days of following our recommendations. You can learn more about the PayPal Buyer Protection policy here –

We will assist you in developing an Instagram marketing strategy that will help you get an edge over your competition and get more people to check out your offers, products, or services. However, no reputable Instagram marketing agency can guarantee sales because sales depend on many factors (what your offer is, your rates, whom you sell to, your sales infrastructure, etc.) that an agency can’t control. All we can promise is improved Instagram reach and engagement.

I tried to signup but it failed? HELP!

Glad to know you are interested! We have a simple Paypal Subscription system for the subscription. Do get in touch if you have any queries or problems. You can use the chat button on the bottom corner of your screen or email us at We’ll be available to assist you quickly.