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4 Tips For Food Photography On Instagram

4 Tips For Food Photography On Instagram


Do you want to show your food on Instagram in a way that evokes a sense of aesthetics? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Your food pictures might not be beautiful if you’re a novice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take good shots to impress your fans. You’ll need to learn a few smartphone photography tips. If you own a restaurant and want to make your food photos and videos look delicious, a DSLR camera is a perfect option. Your food photos can entice your followers to return to your Instagram feed on a regular basis.


According to a Huffington Post article, the camera, lights, and action are all factors that contribute to stunning food photography on Instagram. So, if you want to make your foodie feed look more inspiring, here are a few pointers to get yourself launched:



1. Allow yourself plenty of time to edit your food images


Food photography is more than just taking pictures of food. To plan for each shot, you’ll need to take your time. A quick shot can sometimes be all it takes to make your Instagram feed stand out. For example, you can share a simple picture of a quarter slice of pizza on Instagram. Occasionally, Instagram photography involves full food styling, including linens, cutlery, sets, and glamorous garnishing.


Don’t hurry through the process; instead, take your time to create the backdrop, take the shot, and, of course, edit the visuals to make them look great in your Instagram feed. To make your food images inspirational on social media, you can use the law of thirds, leading lines, and other techniques.


2. Use natural lighting while taking photos


When taking food photos with your iPhone, the most important factor to consider is natural lighting. For example, if you’re eating your favorite pancakes under a harsh overhead light, turn it off to improve the appearance of your pancakes in your Instagram feed. Your pictures would not appear flat or have unattractive color casts when you switch off those lights.

Photograph food in a space with plenty of natural light. If your kitchen has windows that let in natural light, the best way is to take photos of your food on the floor of your cooking area. The curtains can be used to change the lighting. Take food photos in low light and make your Instagram visuals shine and help you buy Instagram followers.



Take food photos on a table near a window glass to enable some natural lighting while dining at a restaurant. Avoid taking photographs if the restaurant has bright lighting overhead so the photos would have a yellow color cast.


3. Food images can be used to tell a compelling narrative


When it comes to Instagram food style, consider telling interesting stories with your food shots. For example, if you’ve baked a cheesecake for your child’s birthday, you’ll need to set the scene before photographing the sweet treat. Try to carry out the craziness and enjoyment of your child’s birthday party with his peers.


When you’re on holiday and stop by roadside cafes for brunch, you can take photos of the burgers and coffee to show your followers how you eat or what you eat while traveling. Take pictures of the nutritious foods you consume, how your child competes with his sibling over a sausage roll and iced coffee, and other similar activities.


4. Do you have a fear of shadows?


You already know how important natural lighting is for food photography on Instagram. That isn’t to say you won’t be drawn to shadows. To easily tweak your food photos and create opposing visuals, make the most out of shadows and some apt apps.



Find out where you want your smartphone to meter off lighting in a specific picture if you want to work with split lighting. When you press any part of the picture on your iPhone screen, the visual adjusts to the type of light you’re touching. Tap the dark shadows on the phone screen to add more illumination to your food images. Tap the blinding light again if you want more shadows. Simply tap any part of a picture on your iPhone screen to change the lighting levels.

You’ll need two videos, one bright and the other darker if you want some contrast lighting. To make your Instagram visuals beautiful, you’ll need to use an app to edit the image. It’s easy to add light to images on Instagram because there are so many resources and filters to choose from.


Final thoughts


When taking food pictures and posting them on Instagram, keep these tips in mind. Make sure the graphics are vivid and not flat. Have fun with Instagramming!