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4 Ways To Turn Instagram Into Income

4 Ways To Turn Instagram Into Income


To make money on Instagram, you don’t need millions of followers. Here are some suggestions for making extra money when doing something you enjoy.


Do you have some unique art that you love to make? It’s possible to sell it on Instagram. Do you like taking pictures? You can also sell it. To make money on Instagram, you don’t have to be a celebrity with millions of followers, contrary to common opinion. While you must have a business-sponsored post to be compensated directly by Instagram, there are plenty of other inventive ways to earn money on the network. Here are some pointers on how to use Instagram to advance your interest or business.


1. Directly sell your services or products.


When it comes to industry, you don’t need a website or an online store to make money on Instagram. You can make content that directs people to a course or a download, or you can sell some form of art or craft you enjoy. “You could theoretically sell everything you have on Instagram if you have a passion. Even if you don’t have a website, you can easily set up an Instagram page to post photos of your product and sell some, even if you don’t have one “Roberts explains.



Danny Koby, an artist, created her page to showcase her tufted yarn rugs and had no intention of selling anything. “I just wanted a place to post pictures of my artwork, but people discovered my page and wanted their own bath mat! I never expected it to develop as quickly as it did. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who follows and supports me and my work “Koby explains. She doesn’t have an online store and just sells via Instagram Direct Messages.


2. Treat Instagram as if it were a real-life situation


While many people believe that social media is disconnected from real life, Roberts argues that this isn’t always the case. In reality, using Instagram to interact in the same way you do offline might be beneficial to your business. “Rather than thinking of Instagram as some strange alternate universe, think of it as if it were real life and you were selling your brand by word of mouth,” Roberts advises.



Jackee Alvarez, an artist, has two Instagram accounts: one for selling her paintings and the other for selling handcrafted clay and glass earrings with her friend Mansfield. One of the most beneficial aspects of getting her business on Instagram, she claims, is the connection she has to citizens. “What I believe benefits creatives are having a genuine dialogue with those who love them. If I just had my website, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with people as quickly—I wouldn’t be able to let people know what’s going on or really solicit feedback “Alvarez explains. She also claims that Instagram has a learning curve, especially when it comes to knowing what hashtags to use and when to post since posts do not appear in chronological order. Instagram helps you to review insights on your content when you set up your profile as a business account. The insights section will show you when your followers are the most interested, how many people are engaging with your content, and how many accounts you’ve hit.


“The great thing about Instagram is that it puts the whole world at your fingertips. Anyone can come across your page and decide to follow you or make a purchase. I believe that the new Instagram setup helps small companies to be seen and supported “Alvarez explains.


When it comes to following, strive for consistency rather than volume. “I believe you can have 60 followers and make a lot of money if all 60 of them love what you’re doing and buy something from you,” Roberts says. “Seek out high-quality individuals who are genuinely involved in what you do.”


3. Make a decision about your brand and style


It will seem that determining your Instagram identity is a daunting job, but it does not have to be. The trick to holding people’s interest on your page is to reflect on what you’re passionate about and how you want to talk about it. “It’s very important to figure out who you want to be and how you want to be viewed,” says Kennedy Roberts, owner, and lead creative of KAR Creative Studios, which assists evolving brands with social media, web content, and photography.



Lorena Cortez, a photographer, filmmaker, and stylist based in Los Angeles, uses Instagram to promote her online pinup-inspired shop, Ruby Rae Clothing. “I made a conscious effort to create content that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also marketed my brand. My preferred method of self-promotion is through parallax-style videos that I produce and edit myself “Cortez explains. So, before you start promoting your business on Instagram, think about what you’re interested in and how you want to present it.


4. Get your effort in front of people


To improve your Instagram exposure, follow accounts that post similar content to yours and connect with their content with likes and comments. Another suggestion is to post on a regular basis—”every day, if possible,” according to Robert. Also, don’t be afraid to ask people to work with you. Have a guest post on your page from a fellow creator, or consider doing a takeover on theirs. “I like to think of Instagram as a phone rather than a microphone. Having relations with people is the most important thing “Robert explains.



Jalyn, the maker of Milkweed, launched her body butter candle company about a month ago and sold out of her first batch within ten days. Each candle is packaged in a hand-painted jar with a unique design. All orders are placed through Instagram and paid for through Venmo or another payment app. “I believe I would eventually create a website. But, for the time being, Instagram is sufficient. From ads to customer care, to selling the candles themselves. Instagram has made it easy for me, “she explains.