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5 Best Practices For Writing A Good Instagram Bio Description

5 Best Practices For Writing A Good Instagram Bio Description

Writing a good Instagram bio may seem easy, but it necessitates some planning and innovation.


According to studies, people develop a solid perception of who you are within the first 7 seconds of meeting you — and it can be much quicker on the web.


If you’re using Instagram for business, your Instagram bio can make a strong first impression and be used to draw new followers and future clients!



1.) Use Applicable Keywords

While using targeted keywords in your bio won’t change your Instagram discoverability (except for your name and username, as we discussed above), it can help to give your account more attention and align you with like-minded people.


It can also convey your goal in a single look, which is valuable because you only have a few characters to operate with. Consider your basic beliefs and values, as well as those of your target audience, when choosing which keywords to use in your Instagram profile.


Iris Dijkers does this by using keywords like “fashion”, “travel”, and “lifestyle”



Take considerable time building a “persona” of your potential follower if you use Instagram for business. What are their concerns or passions? What keywords would they relate to? Users will be able to better understand who you are, what you have to say, and whether or not your account is significant to them if you use keywords that target your demographic and niche.


2.) Must include your contact information

You should add contact details to your Instagram bio if you have an Instagram business profile. This information includes your email address, phone number, and physical address.


What’s the best part? It doesn’t take up any of your bio’s character space! The advantage of using contact details is that it makes it simple for others to contact you. It will also serve as a visual reminder to contact you if you have a question or concern.


The Turquoise Tractor has contact information available for new visitors and their followers.



3.) Emphasize your skill and the audience you’re trying to reach

A strong Instagram profile clarifies what the company does and who it serves (aka your target audience).


With their Instagram profile, ‘Teaspressa’ ticks off everything on the list. They start their bio with the phrase “Coffee Inspired Tea” and note that they were voted “Best Tea” in Arizona. New tourists can immediately understand what the company offers and whether its services are relevant to their needs. Short and to-the-point.



If you’re an entrepreneur or creator, your Instagram bio will also make you stand out in your field. Consider any skills you have or any insights you’ve had that could be of benefit to future followers.


Verbalgoldblog is a travel blogger who mentions that she is actually in Hawaii in her profile.



This snippet not only serves as an introduction to her profile, but it also informs readers that she will be visiting Hawaii and making guides from the perspective of someone who has traveled overseas (with an assurance that they can, too!).


4.) Make Your Instagram Bio a Masterpiece

While it’s essential to express who you are and what you do in your Instagram profile, it’s also an opportunity to promote your personality and have some laughs.


Here are three ways to inject more imagination:


a.) Emojis Will Assist You With Text Spacing

Using emojis to break up the text in your Instagram bio is one way to do so. You can use them to split up any parts of your bio that are too long to read.



Emojis can also be used to illustrate some CTAs (calls to action) or to spice up the bio.


b.) Include a Branded Hashtag

Using a clickable branded hashtag in your Instagram bio will help fuel engagement if you’re endorsing an Instagram contest or a UGC (user-generated content) initiative.


Incorporating a branded hashtag into your profile is also a smart way to encourage your followers to use it.


Furthermore, Instagram users can also join hashtags, so having them follow your sponsored hashtag can help keep your company top-of-mind.


c.) Make Use of Line Breaks in Your Bio

Including line breaks in your Instagram bio is a perfect way to break up the text and make it more digestible.



Formatting the Instagram bio on the online edition of the app is the simplest way to add line breaks. You’ll have a bio that’s easier to read after you’ve finished.


5.) Get Your Instagram Name More Effective

Making sure your Name Field is configured with your name and/or a searchable keyword is the first move towards building a successful Instagram bio. If you work in the food industry, for example, you may want to add your full name as well as your job title. People would be able to quickly locate the right account if they look for you on Instagram this way.


Instagram uses the name and username fields of search results, so making sure they’re configured is a good idea. With this in consideration, you may want to use keywords that future followers might use to find you. Do you have a particular service? Can you have a particular reputation?


Ericka’s page will likely be at the top of the results list if anyone checked for “Instagram Strategist” on Instagram.


Checklist for Instagram Bios

A decent Instagram bio makes a strong first impression and persuades people to click the “follow” button on your profile. Here’s a rundown on what we talked about:


  • Tell us about yourself and what you do.


  • Use unique keywords to target your niche audience.


  • Use to create a link to your website or blog.


  • Make it easier for your fans to contact you by including additional contact options.


  • Let your individuality be known.


Whatever approach you want for your Instagram profile, it’s important to put some thought and effort into it.


When you’ve finished writing your bio, ask a few people in your network what feeling they get when they visit your page and use their input to make the necessary changes. As the business evolves and develops, you should refresh your bio every few months to ensure that you’re still sharing the narrative you want to say.