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How To Make The Most Of Your Instagram Posts

How To Make The Most Of Your Instagram Posts

There’s a right and a wrong way to do everything, and Social Media is not an exception of it.



If your objective  is to create an Instagram campaign that catches the attention of a mass audience, you need to do  it right.


For those who are not sure about where to start, checkout these six ways to improve your Instagram marketing campaign and engage your followers.


How To Improve Your Instagram Campaign:


Always remember one thing that every social media account has it’s own approach. So, what works on Facebook or Twitter, may not work on Instagram. To ensure that you do the Instagram campaign successfully, you need to follow these six tips for maximum engagement.


  1. Always Post At The Right  Time:

To enhance the reach of your Instagram campaign, you should know the ideal time to post on Instagram so  that you can receive the best engagement from your followers. It’s quite obvious that posts published when most of the audience are scrolling will get more likes than when everyone  is asleep.


It’s a great idea to use a free tool that helps you to determine the right time for posting.


Similarly planning Instagram campaign around the day of the week will resonate with your followers in the best manner and result in higher user engagement.


For example, if your audience is mainly business oriented, using #MondayMotivation will be a great idea.



  1. Be In Tune With Your Audience:

Knowing your audience inside and out will improve your Instagram campaign in a significant manner.


For example, Missguided  is a brand which is highly in tune with their audience. On Friday, they post mainly on partying while on Sunday, they put more focus on hangovers. Though it’s a fashion brand, but still encapsulates all interests of the people they want to buy their cloths.


Their Instagram account is more like a blog than a brand, resulting in higher customer loyalty and engagement.



So, instead of solely focusing on selling or promoting your service or product, create your Instagram account in  a way so that it can cater to the interests and hobbies of your audience demographic.


  1. Story-Telling:

As humans, we are naturally inclined to stories or the art  of story telling. Stories connect us more than facts. Stories make the brands more relatable to the audience.


Customer Stories:

Using user-generated content, you can share the customer’s stories on your own Instagram account. This is a great strategy as audience always relate with the personal stories.


History Of The Company Stories:

When a waiter at a restaurant tells you the dish you’ve ordered was inspired by the head chef’s grandfather, it makes you more invested in the food you’re about to eat. Same goes for any historical story about a business!


Employee Stories:

Share the stories of the people behind your brand. You can also give a brilliant member of your team a shout out!


Inspirational Stories That Are Relatable:

Heard an Inspiring story that relates to the ethos and  values of  your brand? Why not posting  it on your Instagram. Your audience will find the story inspiring and engage more with your business.


  1. Social Media Holidays:

Planning your social media strategies around the upcoming  social media holidays is another excellent way to improve your Instagram campaign.


These time  sensitive trends get a huge amount of reach and engagement on Instagram due to the spike in hashtag around that time.

There  are different types of timely hashtags that you can use for  your campaign-


Current Affairs/Global Events: This could be #Wimbledon, #ElectionDay, or #PrideWeek

Social Media Holidays: We don’t know who decided May 28th was #InternationalBurgerDay, but we’ll take it

Commemorative Holidays: UN declared holidays such as #EarthDay and #WorldRefugeeDay



Look at the example above how Coopuk use their timely hashtags and create content based on that to engage with the followers.


  1. Time Your Posts in Advance:

The best thing about scheduling your Instagram posts in advance is that it helps you invest proper time and effort to ensure the best quality of the content.


Consistent posting on Instagram is really important as it helps in building audience loyalty.


You  should  work on your content calendar so that you can improve the consistency of your Instagram camping. It also helps you save time in other areas of Instagram marketing like content creation.



  1. Make A Series:

Just like the posting consistently on Instagram, creating a series is a great idea for your Instagram campaign.


There are different ways brands run campaigns like this- whether they are publishing a specific type of post on a specific day or posting different photos and videos of different areas of their business.


Your audience will become more used to seeing this type of posts and engagement will naturally improve.


With this type of Instagram campaign, create a relevant hashtag that you include on every post. This will not only group the posts together on Instagram if someone clicks on the hashtag but will also create a sense of each post being part of a wider series.



Time To Implement These Tips

Now, you might have become familiar with the effective tips to make the most use of your Instagram. It’s time to implement these tips and see the enhanced engagement of your Instagram posts.