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Instagram is one of the most remunerative social platforms available for online retailers, E-commerce entrepreneurs, and online business owners. It is a great marketing tool if utilized effectively as the platform has over 800 million monthly active users.


Instagram gives you the ability to grab the attention of your potential clients and make them aware of your brand.


Here are several marketing strategies by which you can use Instagram to build your brand and grow your following without spending any money on advertising.




instagram marketing





People like consistency, which is why branding is an essential requisite. For most people

consistency of posts equates to trust and followers are more likely to purchase from you if they consider your brand as trustworthy.


Kristin Celano, Founder, and CEO, Jane Hudson, said, “As a women’s apparel company, for us it’s about showing real women in our styles. At first, we focused on polished, controlled images with hand-selected models. While aspiration is still a strong tactic for Instagram, user-generated content is just as essential, if not more.”


So, it’s important to publish photos according to a planned out strategy, which will not only make the feed flawless but also grab the attention of your target customers.




It is necessary to put forward a balanced message to your followers and not be overly promotional.


The Co-Founder of Organic Bath company(an organic skincare company), Gianne Doherty, shared, “As a small business founder, I had to figure out fast what worked most effectively. The two most effective hacks that worked to quickly grow my following and build awareness was to cross-collaborate with influencers in similar space and loaded up on giveaways.”


Thus, finding the right balance plays a significant role in increasing the followers.


The rule of thirds is of great use to the business. The rule includes:

•Promotional Posts – a company-related product post.

•Conversational Posts – this includes posts that enable the audience to indulge in a conversation. It can be a contest or giveaways or merely asking a question to your followers.

•Sharing Posts – includes cross-promoting with bloggers or other companies.




Just like tagging people, Instagram allows them to tag products, which makes them easily shoppable for its viewers. It simplifies the purchase process for the customers by allowing a clear appeal.


With a simple setup and just a few clicks of button one can get started.


The steps include :

  • Link your Facebook page to Instagram after setting up a shop section on Facebook and then tot up your products to it.
  • The next step takes up to a few days where your Instagram account gets permission to tag products.
  • The last step includes the option of “tag a product” when you post an image, and a list of all the products uploaded by the user on his Facebook shop could be seen.





hashtags, Instagram marketing



Using hashtags increases audience reach and helps in gaining more followers.


They are a dynamic Instagram tool as they attract more customers by allowing your content to appear in search results.


Trending hashtags are supposed to change hastily, so it is required to go through and update your hashtag list. To save time daily, hashtag research in advance is useful.


The addition of a few associable hashtags along with relevant hashtags is also fruitful in gaining acknowledgment.


Liz Funk, Co-founder of And We Evolve, an online store and subscription box service for recycled clothes say, “It’s very time-intensive, but it’s also really gratifying to make Instagram friends who often convert into customers.”


Instagram may take some time to find an audience, but patience can be efficient.





Growing and maintaining a commercial Instagram ad can be quite a difficult work to do. Therefore, the use of a third-party app helps to manage your time.


Instagram is all about aesthetics and social media planners like Planoly and Later create a visually pleasing layout before posting. They work on arranging the look of your Instagram feed by using a drag and drop feature.


Not all third party apps compile with Instagram’s terms and conditions, so the user must be thorough with the rules.






data analysis, Instagram data analysis



A review of the analysis within Instagram provides useful details that may favor the increase of followers.


Data provides information about when the followers are active on Instagram. These details may help the beginner to post at peak times to get the most stretch out of them.


It also helps to analyze the type of posts favored by the audience, and by using this information, you can post more of what is appreciated.





It is advisable to comment on other people’s post as this may lead to the increment of visitors on your page. Engaging with the target customers can help you to get them to check out your page.


They may start following you or reciprocate likes. People are highly and easily engaged on the platform, but you usually have to make the first move.


Purchasing likes and followers is a quick way out to raise the bar, but this may not be fruitful in a long run. Instagram doesn’t reveal its guidelines for deleting accounts. To be on the safer side, one should assume that Instagram accounts with a higher number of followers and low interaction can have unfortunate consequences.


Instagram prioritizes a user-friendly experience; thus, the platform restricts the visibility of accounts that are fake or that have purchased likes or followers.