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New Auto Captions Option For Instagram Stories Under Testing

New Auto Captions Option For Instagram Stories Under Testing

For certain social media administrators, this will be a welcome change.


Instagram is currently testing a new ‘Closed Captions’ sticker for IG Stories that produces automatic captions in a variety of text formats for your Stories clips. Instagram seems to be dealing with four text styles: typewriter-style block text, bigger words for clarity, and simple block letters.



Any Instagram users are now able to use the tool, but when they try to upload, they get an ‘Internal only’ error message. Instagram has indicated that the process is only in beta and will not be open to the general public anytime soon.


The functionality is identical to one that Instagram introduced to its independent Threads app late last year, which saw Threads rapidly ascend the app store’s download rankings. However, it wasn’t that people wanted to send messages to their Instagram friends; instead, several people downloaded Threads to create clips with the auto-captions function, which they then posted to TikTok with the on-screen text.


Given this, adding the same features directly to Instagram Stories seems like a no-brainer. Instagram has been working on the feature since August of last year, and it added automatic captions for IGTV uploads in September.


As previously mentioned, the tool can provide a variety of new choices for advertisers and developers, making it easier to target a broader audience and ensuring that the Stories are understandable in both sounds on and sound off scenarios. However, as you can see in the case, the automatic captions aren’t flawless, so you’ll have to look over the text again. It’s still unclear if Instagram would encourage users to edit text directly inside the app.


Instagram hasn’t offered a public release date, but given the advanced nature of this prototype, you would probably expect it to be released shortly.