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Customize Your Instagram Story To Make Your Content Stand Out

Customize Your Instagram Story To Make Your Content Stand Out

The allure of social media is the ability to tailor content to your preferences. Though Instagram has undergone several updates, some of which users dislike, Instagram stories have been a big success with users. You will use animation and other interesting features to add to your stories in addition to videos and images.


The history of Instagram posts, though, has become a hot subject. It’s safe to assume that your choices are limited since the website normally selects the color for the pictures you’re posting. There is, however, a way to tailor your story’s context to help you adhere to a certain narrative and make your content more entertaining. All you need to remember is right here.





1. You can change the solid color of your Instagram story’s background to make it your own


Understandably, people want to shake things up in the Instagram stories section. For instance, no one needs their material to be similar to that of another. Customizing your Instagram story is also a brilliant way to demonstrate your imagination. Although some Instagram features take some experience to learn, changing the backdrop is a breeze.





Changing the backdrop of your Instagram story is as easy as choosing a different solid color. If you’ve used the feature before, you’ll know that the app normally chooses a default color to go with your stuff. You don’t have to stick with it, however.


According to Business Insider, the procedure takes just a few minutes. Start by selecting the Instagram photo you’d like to use in your plot. Then, under the picture you want to add to your Instagram account, click the paper plane symbol. A pop-up window should appear. Pick “add post to your story”.


When you’re finished, the app will create the story for you. You’ll need to press the pen icon above your picture to adjust the default tone. Choose a from the palette below that you prefer. Release your finger until you’ve achieved the perfect hue.


After that, you’ll need to click down on the photo’s background. Make sure you don’t press on the photo itself. The background will be changed to the you choose. If you are ready, press the finish button. You can now go ahead and make any other improvements you want.


2. Changing your Instagram story’s background will help your content stand out


We should both accept that the most important aim is to produce content that sets us apart from other Instagram users. After all, it’s a wonderful way to raise your followers and get more users to see your profile. Not to mention, if you like to partner with a variety of brands, creating a special customization strategy will help you.











With this in mind, it’s not a bad idea to change the background of your pictures. After all, it will liven up the content and make it more appealing to the eye. Although the process can appear to be lengthy, the end result is well worth the effort.