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How Instagram Algorithm Operates On Your IGTV Videos

How Instagram Algorithm Operates On Your IGTV Videos

In June 2018, Instagram released IGTV, a video platform aimed at competing with YouTube.


Ordinary users can upload videos that are between one and fifteen minutes long, while developers and accounts with wider audiences can upload videos that are up to one hour long. In addition to a standalone app that was released the same day, IGTV has a dedicated button in the Instagram app.


According to Fran, who wrote on the Shopify blog in December 2020, the IGTV video algorithm is identical to the Instagram feed algorithm. “Instagram Stories from accounts that a user communicates with the most appear first in their feed. Comments, likes, and direct messages all contribute to your place in a user’s feed. Users are also shown Stories based on their location, which is why location hashtags are becoming more common in Stories,” she concluded. When people interact with your Stories, they are more likely to see new posts, according to Fran.


Instagram’s algorithm, according to Ms. Reichenbach, rewards you for uploading 1–3 IGTV videos every week. That may be more video than some content creators can produce every week.


Ms. Fran, on the other hand, suggests reposting old material to Tales. “This puts the best content back to the top, encouraging more viewers to see it that may have skipped it the first time around,” she explains.


Ms. Fran, on the other hand, advises Instagrammers to repurpose content judiciously, since you don’t want users to see the same images in your collection over and over again.


Here’s an illustration of Rainylune’s IGTV content:




Now, take a look at one of DJ Bliss’ IGTV videos:



Next, examine one of ISpeakFootballOnly’s IGTV videos:



Also, check out one of Ghaith 79’s IGTV videos: