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How Instagram Algorithm Operates On Your Reels

How Instagram Algorithm Operates On Your Reels

Instagram released Reels in July 2020, a short-form video feature intended to compete with TikTok.  Instagram serves recommended Reels, as well as related Explore sections, in a new tab, close to IGTV images.


The algorithm for Reels, like the one for IGTV videos, prioritizes content from the accounts you connect with the most, as well as the types of posts you usually communicate with, based on a machine learning model of what Instagram thinks you’ll like.


“Reels seem to get posted across more curator pages and are Instagram’s primary concern going into 2021,” says Dani Rodriguez (aka Dani the explorer), a freelance adventure photographer and blogger (as well as a “self-proclaimed burrito lover”). You’re more likely to get an avalanche of followers if they’re posted. Not to mention, the Instagram algorithm favors users who take advantage of the platform’s most recent features.”


And, according to Ms. Reichenbach, a user uploading 4-7 Reels per week is rewarded by Instagram’s algorithm.  “Please bear in mind that all of this is just Instagram’s Ideal, and Instagram could care less for your mental health and sanity!!” she continues.


Take a look at a couple of Rainylune’s reels:



Now, take a peek at some of DJ Bliss’s Reels:



And Jim Louderback, the GM, and SVP of VidCon, just told that TikTok cross-posting on Instagram has been downgraded to Reels. He declares: “In a recent ‘Tips for Getting Discovered,’ Instagram states that clips with burned-in logos will be de-emphasized in the algorithm. In the same post, you’ll find advice on how to make Reels that will confuse, encourage, and entertain your audience – and, hopefully, get you more views. Instagram used to be fine with you promoting your TikTok and content, but that appears to have changed.”