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Instagram Live: How To Set Up And Start With 3 Tips

Instagram Live: How To Set Up And Start With 3 Tips

Instagram Live allows users to broadcast live videos to their Instagram followers via Instagram Stories. It’s ideal for establishing direct contact with the target audience.

Instagram Live allows people to broadcast live videos to their Instagram Stories followers. It’s ideal for increasing customer experience, engaging with them directly, exchanging updates, and creating the brand.


But you might be saying to yourself, “Isn’t live streaming just a fad?” Let’s take a peek at the numbers.


  1. A Livestream is preferred by 80 percent of viewers over reading a blog post.
  2. A Livestream is preferred by 82 percent of viewers over a social media post.
  3. 67 percent of viewers who watched a Livestream purchased a ticket to a related occurrence the next time it was held.


Let’s go over how to get started with Instagram Live, some strategies for using it, and some suggestions for creating an awesome Instagram Live stream right now.


In 3 easy steps, explore how to go live on Instagram

It’s easy to go live on Instagram.

To begin, you’ll need an Instagram account (small wonder!) as well as a phone, as many Instagram features are only available on smartphones.


Then go straight to the first step:


Step 1: On the top right, tap the plus icon.

Tap the plus icon in the top right corner of your profile or feed. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can choose the kind of content you want to produce.


Step 2: Swipe over to Live.

Swipe until the Instagram Live screen appears.


Step 3: Press the Go Live button.

Tap the recording icon to start recording. Before beginning your broadcast, Instagram will run a quick search of your phone’s internet access.

And that’s it! In 3 simple stages, you can go live on Instagram. I told you it was simple.

Helpful hint: At the top of your page, you’ll see the number of people who have seen your video. You’ll also be able to see all of your viewers’ reactions as they arrive.

At the bottom and on the top right of your screen, you have a number of different features you can use in your live video.

They are as follows:

a) There are some inquiries. Until you go online, post a question sticker in an Instagram Story to gather questions from your viewers. When you enter your feed, you’ll be able to see the questions that your viewers have asked.

b) Send a message. During a show, you can upload your live video to an Instagram user.

c) Invite a visitor. This helps you to share the live video with another person. When you invite a friend, a split-screen will appear in the film, allowing you and your visitor to see each other.

d) Filters for the face. Isn’t it true that the puppy dog face mask makes everything better?

e) Switch to another camera. Toggle between selfie and normal mode on the cameras.

f) Send a picture or a video. You may use this to share a photo or video from your camera roll with your live audience.

g) Please leave a comment. This field can be used to add a message to your stream or to disable it.


Tap the X button in the upper right-hand corner when you’re done recording your Instagram Live stream. You’ll be able to share your video to IGTV, download it to your camera roll, or uninstall it once it’s done.



Pat yourself on the back. You’ve just done the first Instagram Live broadcast!


How to Commence a Live Room?

Instagram launched Live Rooms in March 2021, a new feature that allows users to go live with up to three additional people. Previously, the “Add a guest” option could only be used to co-host streams with one other user.


Users (and brands) will get a little more adventurous with their streams with Live Rooms. More speakers will help the audience have a more interactive experience, such as live sports, creative workshops, influencer Q&As, and more are all available! These are only a few proposals that can be implemented with Live Rooms, but the sky’s the limit (well, four people is the limit).


Businesses would benefit from Live Rooms. When you welcome a guest to watch your live video, their crowd, including anyone who doesn’t follow you on Instagram, has access to it. As a result, more visitors equals more attention to a larger audience!


To begin a Live Room, follow these steps:

1.) Follow the same procedures that you would with a normal live stream.


2.) After you’ve gone online, go to the Rooms icon and choose your guests:



3.) After that, tap Invite and you’re good to go!



You can connect up to three guests at once (during stream setup) or one after another (e.g. adding speakers during different parts of the Livestream ).


3 ways to make the most of Instagram Live

Use these tips during your Instagram Live stream if you ever want to take your videos to the next stage.


a.) Make a SMART target for yourself

Setting successful goals is important for social media success, and your Instagram Live goals are no different. That’s the difference between going into a live stream with no agenda and no goal in mind and going into one knowing exactly what you want to do and how to do it.


To do so, you must first set a SMART target.


Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based are the acronyms for SMART goals.


Specific: Your objective is clear. A poor target, for example, will be “I want a nice Instagram Live stream,” because it’s too ambiguous. Since it is more concentrated, a better target would be “I want 50% more spectators in our next feed.”


Measurable: There is a standard for achievement, and you know how to do that. For example, “I want to gain 100 new Instagram followers” is a good target so you can track how many followers you acquire.


Attainable: It is feasible for you and/or your business. For example, unless you’re Lionel Messi, the world’s most popular soccer player, “I want to get the most Instagram followers” is unlikely. “I want 1,000 Instagram followers,” on the other hand, is completely achievable.


Relevant: Is this a mission that you and your organization care about right now? If you can’t find one that is, look for one that is.


Time-based: Having a target for your aim is important from a psychological standpoint. It improves your concentration and motivation to achieve your goal. “I want to host three Instagram Live streams with visitors by Q4,” for example, is an excellent and timely target.


So, what SMART targets do you set for your Instagram Live objectives for your brand?


b.) Engage the audience

Instagram Live provides you with a fantastic opportunity to interact with your customers in real-time. When you do so, you cultivate a bond with your customer and earn their trust—both of which are critical components of a successful brand.


Engaging and developing a positive relationship with the audience, like any good relationship, takes time and effort. Answering a few questions on a live stream isn’t enough. You must pay attention to your supporters and provide them with what they want. And then would they put their confidence in you.


c.) Build a video map

Consider your Instagram Live video to be a bike ride: you can plan all of your bump drafting along the way to your final destination. It’s for this purpose that you can make a video map or schematic. Make a list of all the points you want to address and how long you want to spend on each one.


1.) Are you interviewing with a thought leader in the market? Create a list of all the questions you want to answer, as well as when you want to make introductions and take questions from the crowd.


2.) Are you showcasing a new product to your audience? Make a list of all the features and benefits you want to highlight.


3.) Are you giving your audience a short “how-to”? Have a list of all the steps they’ll need to know, as well as any other advice you’d like to give.


This keeps the video on track and centered. Otherwise, it’s very likely to go off the tracks.