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Unlock Hidden Instagram Filters – These Are Awesome! 

Unlock Hidden Instagram Filters – These Are Awesome! 

Remember the time when Insta-stories and we were so skeptical? Finally, Insta-stories have boomed in popularity and, now you can access the special filters to spice up your selfies…only if you know who to follow. From adding aviator sunglass to your face to a Beyonce -worthy crown, we just love the creativity of some of these filters. You can simply follow these accounts and get instant access to the creator’s uploaded filters that use augmented reality to take your Insta-stories to the next level.



Now, this article tells you about some of the worth to follow accounts that give you access to the coolest filters which make Instagram’s basic filters look basic –


If you want to get it on the butterfly trend, follow @nahir.esper:



Butterflies are one of the hottest trends of the season. Now here’s good news for you that @nair.esper’s inventive filters allow you to superimpose butterfly on to your face. Other filters include floral arrangements that sprout from your mouth, Sims diamond above your head, a large range of hypebeast specs to outfit your face, etc.


Follow @johwska to look like a Billie Eilish Video:



While Billie Eilish has her own filter that allows you to have cry black tears just like the artist, @johwska takes the cyborg cool to a whole new level that blackout your eyes, turns the whole face into a grid, and gives your face a surrealistic titanium effect.


If you want a makeup look inspired by Australian-Indian style star Rowi Singh, follow



We have been lusting after Instagram-make up artist Rowi Singh’s out of this world makeup look. Now, you don’t need to have an iota of her talent to attain her surreal look because the account collabed with Rowi allows you to have this look. The look is so real that your real followers won’t know that you didn’t do it yourself.


If you want a French touch, you should follow @ramenpolanski:



@ramenpolaski’s filters created by Paris based creator Jade Roche are a full spectrum of rainbows backdrop and face gradation. If you want to spice up your OOTD shot, the multi-colored aura filters that outline your face and body are perfect. It also comes with the AR filters that make you have four eyes, superimpose Eifel Tower on your face and turn you into a moving meme.


If you want to celebrate your South-Asian root, follow @Sanam:



In a collab with @southasiaarchive,  @Sanam has created one of the coolest Instagram filters. The filter superimposes traditional South Asian jewelry that links from a nose piercing to ear and a gold bindi. Plus, the filter includes pink-tinted shades that give new meaning to “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.” The cherry on top? The filter also works on pets.