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Instagram For Photographers

How to Improve Your Instagram Photos

Are you happy with your Instagram marketing images? Looking for tips to improve your photos?

In this article, you’ll discover four tips to help you create better photos so you can stand out, drive more clicks, and generate more revenue.


Why Good Photography Matters on Instagram

The imagery you’re posting to Instagram can help make or break your sales, especially if you’re relying on shoppable Instagram posts and stories to drive sales traffic.

Shoppable Instagram posts make shopping directly from your feed easy for your followers. Through shoppable posts, consumers are taken directly to various product pages on your website where they can easily purchase your products. TYME, a hair tools eCommerce shop, has seen a 44% increase in traffic from Instagram since integrating shoppable posts.

In 2018, Instagram expanded shoppable posts to include stories as well. Similar to shoppable posts, your followers can just tap the product they’re interested in while viewing your story and they’re sent to the product’s page on your website.

With a large number of consumers relying on social networks to help make purchase decisions, it’s important to showcase your products in the best possible way. Here are some tips to help you create better product images for use in your Instagram marketing.

Are you frustrated that you don’t have many Instagram followers? If you want to get Instagram famous, you need to focus on ways to get your photos noticed. When I first signed up to Instagram, I really struggled to get my first 30 followers. Even my best photos were getting only a few likes, and I wasn’t getting any feedback on my photos. That’s when I decided it was time to get popular on Instagram… and now...

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We thought it would be helpful to analyze the data we have of how posts perform on Instagram and find out just what makes the perfect Instagram post. When we say perfect, we mean in terms of getting the most engagement through likes and comments. So here’s a handy guide to what works best on the world’s favorite photo sharing platform:   1. Filters Instagram gives you a variety...

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Small pictures can make a big difference in a mobile-driven world.   Quite often other photographers tell me “I don’t have time for another social network and I don’t need Instagram.” Yet they spend hours posting on Facebook, 500px and Flickr where almost zero potential clients will see their work.   They’re basically getting followers, likes, and comments coming from other photographers. Instagram can be useful in ways you might not...

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With more than 600 million monthly active users, Instagram offers great opportunities for photographers to build an audience of dedicated fans. But convincing a million of those people to follow you is a feat generally reserved for superstars, brands and a handful of influencers. Yet, with a few well-employed tricks and excellent photography skills, these five photographers have managed to approach and even exceed that mark. Here...

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